"I just need to speak my brain, Yes I know it might seem like I’m going to cause you pain." - Amber Mark

Amber Mark.jpg

By Eish Sumra

Amber Mark has been through the ringer. Following the passing of her mother, she dived into songwriting, creating one of 2017’s most underrated pieces of music, in the form of her EP “3:33 a.m.” 

The EP draws on Mark’s upbringing which saw her jet around the globe from country to country while her artist mother refused to be tied to a desk job. The biggest influence in her music? India. The spiritual connection Mark and her mother had with India is profound. You can hear it in her songs. From the tabla drums in her Sade inspired “Love Me Right” to the syncopated beats on her epic piano dance track “Lose My Cool” which evoke images of wedding party’s moving while ‘turning the light bulb’. She modernizes these rhythms and injects her heavy piano chords which serve as a reminder that while her lyrics are emotional, the effect is there to energize. 

Her tribal-pop extravaganza “Heatwave” should be on everyone’s pool party playlist while her Motown stylings on “Can You Hear Me?” remind one of Amy Winehouse’s early material. She has captured a relaxed soulful vibe with her early material, but one which gives her a large scope to be creative. She clearly doesn’t want to be put into a box.  Her music shape shifts from world influences, to soulful flourishes to foot stomping house. Mark’s versatility has put her in a league of her own. 

For a society looking for the missing link between Beyoncé and Adele, we’ve found her, and she’s just as brilliant as we had hoped.

Steven Norwalk