"It's me, myself and I until the day I die." - IAMDDB


By Eish Sumra

IAMDDB is perhaps one of the most exciting British women entering the music industry. Her music finds a home in the space between trap and jazz - a space not usually occupied, especially by women. Yet IAMDDB mastered something unique on her quietly brilliant EP “Vibe, Volume 2.” - released last year. Her voice has an Amy Winehouse texture to it, soulful with harsh key changes which remind one of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Yet her snappy beats and bolshy lyrics are steeped deep in urban music. 

Her upbringing explains why her music is so dynamic. The 21-year-old hails from Manchester and has been inspired by her Portuguese and Angolan roots.  A trip to Angola as a teenager solidified her commitment to her craft. Her father, who lives there, is in one of the country’s most popular bands and the Afro soul style stuck in her mind. Taking the trip after a bad breakup, she ended up staying for six months and IAMDDB was born, an artist now independent and ready to be the woman she wanted to be. 

Her music reflects her new found confidence. On the subtle, snappy track “Pause” she raps “I’m rising up above them all,” as her smoky voice cracks and creaks when she enters her falsetto, then she brings it back down to earth with her deep bass like crooning. She’s elastic with both her vocals and her energy. For every high energy song there are at least two slower, more introspective moments. She doesn’t want to just be a hype woman at the party, she wants to provide the soundtrack for an entire evening or an entire range of emotions. 

You could easily be lazy and suggest that IAMDDB’s music is “urban jazz.” It’s not, she has made an entire genre of her own - and the exciting thing is you don’t know where she’ll take it next.

Steven Norwalk