Works of Healing

Sweetener and thank u, next: How America’s Biggest Pop Star Heals on Record

Meredith Fuentes

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pledge to Restore Puerto Rico’s Arts Community

Montserrat Vazquez-Posada

Ten Years of Hospice

Alexander Kloss

alternative therapy.png

Alternative Therapy

Music Heals: A Visit to Evanston's Institute for Therapy through the Arts

Siobhan Esposito

Buddhist Practices at Northwestern: Honoring a Complicated History

Grace Gay


Personal Essays


Zoe Huettl

On Clothing and Self

Matt Marth

Self Destruction Embodied

Grace Gay

The Healing Power of a Plant-Based Diet

Lexi Vollero

Glee and Self-Acceptance

Chris Donohue


Business Activism

Jeni’s and She Should Run: When Ice Cream and Women’s Leadership Intersect

Andy Weir

Varyer and Asrai Gardens: How a Marketing Agency Found Itself Operating inside an Apothecary

Sarah Rosenblum

Women & Children First: Empowerment on and off the Page

Grace Lemon

Hope in a Cup

Zoe Huettl

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