Season Premiere: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Image Courtesy of NBC

Image Courtesy of NBC

By Ryan Coleman

Season 6 of NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine picks up right where season five of Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine left off, with the cliffhanger of the century concerning whether or not Captain Raymond Holt will be promoted to Commissioner. We learn almost immediately that Holt did receive the position as commissioner... only to hear that he had he actually misread the email and that he is not, in fact, commissioner.

NBC not only picks up from where the last season’s plot ended, but the witty humor, idiosyncratic characters, and solid storylines are all at their best in the season six premiere despite the change in network. With Jake and Amy going on their honeymoon, Terry trying to figure out how to lead in Holt's absence, and Charles trying to figure out why his dad is getting divorced by Gina’s mom while still being Charles, this episode leaves viewers with plenty of laughs and anticipation for future episodes.

After running into Jake and Amy on their honeymoon, Captain Holt wallows in his misery after not getting the job he’d been working towards for the past 30 years and humorlessly follows the recently married couple around with different novelty shirts, such as “what’s up beaches” for “humor reasons” as Holt put it.

After convincing Holt not to quit his job and to no longer “give a hoot,” Jake and Amy return from their honeymoon to learn that the 99 is at war with the NYPD, leaving plenty of opportunity for season six of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to be just as good as the first five.

If you had not told me that the show changed networks, I would have never questioned it. This season six premiere left a lot of potential for the other 17 episodes that follow. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back and as “noice” as ever.

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