Momotaro : Reviewed


By Jordan Pytosh

When it comes to Chicago’s food scene, this city has a vast array of cultural diversity and sheer expanse that can easily be compared to New York, London, and other famous food metropoles. Even as a food buff, however, I will admit that I have yet to truly put myself in the depths of what the Windy City has to offer. So far though, the restaurant Momotaro put forth an experience that I think warrants a return for some of the best Japanese food I have had in a long time.

The restaurant in question is located at 820 West Lake Street, right in the West Loop region, and is generally packed during typical dinner hours, so make reservations ahead of time. When you enter, the ambiance is pretty casual, as the lobby contains a bar set up and a whole host of tables complimented with interesting music. Then you’re given a seat, graced by the food and drink menus. Hot and cold appetizers grace the left side of the first page of food items, including highlights like the Raibu Kani (crab salad) and Fisherman’s Sukiyaki (hearty surf and turf stew). The Kushiyaki will grace your taste buds with the wonderful flavors of the grill, including shishito peppers, mushrooms, and chicken to satiate that side of appetite. If you’re not with this stuff, there’s also plenty of sashimi and sushi to order as well, a variety of raw fish like saba, aji, and uni that will likely impress hungry orderers. While the food may be on the pricey side and also eclectic for the average taste, Momotaro will be sure to give you a fulfilling experience that will have you salivating for more. It contains every aspect that makes the sushi dining experience worth it and I certainly believe it will live up to your expectations.


Eish Sumra