The End of The F***ing World Soundtrack : Reviewed



By Emily Norfolk 

Listening to The End of the F***ing World's soundtrack is like traveling back in time. All of the songs feel reminiscent and nostalgic of the 50s, with jazzy undertones and droning sappy lyrics. The soundtrack offers an ironic and hauntingly beautiful contrast to the somewhat morbid TV series. Here are five of my favorite songs from the soundtrack that will leave you feeling sentimental and hopeful.


1. "Laughing on the Outside" by Bernadette Carroll

This is a classic love ballad, but don’t worry it’s not corny at all. The minor chords paired with the violin trills create an eerie tone that transports you back to a 50s high school dance. The refrain “I’m laughing on the outside, crying on the inside” is repeated throughout the song, implying a false reality where everything seems okay, but it’s really not. This song will make you reevaluate your happiness and how you think of love.


2. "The Day we Fell in Love" by the Ovations

This song reminds me of something you would hear in the musical Grease. It has your classic doo-wops, shoo bops, and harmonies galore. The intro is my favorite part of the song, starting sparsely with the lead vocalist and seamlessly transitioning into a cappella-feeling masterpiece. The lyrics tell the story of falling in love on a beautiful day with the sun shining and birds chirping. The song comes full circle with a pause before the droning and melodic finale.


3. "Where is the Love" by the Monzas

One word to describe this song would be transcendent. This is the song that comes on the radio, and you instantly feel transported to another world where you are completely alone with your thoughts. This song has beachy feeling undertones with the soft guitar strumming and melodic humming.


4. "Come Back" by the Belles

Come Back is upbeat and fun, and makes you want to crack open a cold one.The steady baseline and muted vocals make it feel like a Beach Boys song. There are two noticeably different melodies, one that feels uplifting, and the other that feels more reminiscent and adds an element of complexity to the song.


5. "Walking All Day" by Graham Coxon

Walking All Day is a beautiful song that tells the story of trying to get closer to a loved one. The lyrics are the main focal point of this song, highlighting the painstaking journey of falling in love. The song feels very folky with the guitar plucking, the rattling tambourine and the repetitive melody. This song makes you feel like you’re trekking along with Graham Coxon on his conquest to find love.




Eish Sumra