Weezer: Pacific Daydream

Photo Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Photo Courtesy of Atlantic Records

By Emily Norfolk

The new Weezer album, Pacific Daydream takes the listener to sunny California, no matter where you are in the world. The upbeat, plucky baselines and catchy lyrics feel more like pop music then Weezer’s usual rock or alternative sound. The irony is that if this album were released in the summer it would be a hit, but the timing causes the summer vibes to feel lost in the breeze.

The hit song, “Feels Like Summer,” released in March 2017, was played at least five times a day on every pop and alternative radio station. This song was perfect to play at a pool party, driving with the windows down, or to feel the summer vibes. The rest of the songs on this album have a very coherent vibe, so if you listened to them back to back each song flows into the other. Mexican Fender features lyrics about hanging out on the Santa Monica Promenade, 100 degree weather, and summer love. Melodic trills, reverberated vocals, and lots of “oohs,” lend to a classic summery song.

If you are ever in the mood to be transported to the west coast, this is a great album to kick back and relax too. The irony that comes with this perfectly fun, poppy, summer album is that it was released in late October. The summer fun no longer feels relatable as the leaves start to fall and the holiday winter festivities kick in. This poor timing results in a not so successful album, which is truly disheartening because Weezer took a lot of risks on this album.

The song “La Mancha Screw Job” is extremely memorable and also romantically done. It paints a beautiful image of spending time with a loved one on a warm summer’s night. "QB Blitz" starts with a soft plucky melody, and eases into sweet and thoughtful vocals. The line, “I’ll be missing you like oxygen” is hauntingly beautiful.

Even though it no longer "Feels Like Summer" don’t be discouraged to listen to Weezer’s album. It is fun, light hearted and every song has something special to offer.


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